But I wanted to know specific settings for OC, before actually proceding if possible: Doc 8 years ago. Good luck and let us know if you run into any issues with the install! Windows 7 Ultimate x All you need to do is verify which driver you are using with AS SSD, or install the exact one you want to use. Hardus 9 years ago. I did exactly as you suggested pooch.

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No worries on system restore, you can turn it off anytime you are ready. Kamarudin 8 years ago.

Mustapha 8 years ago. Ha ha talk to much sometimes- more info than I should maybe. Or Windows will install to a great degree, then abort due to a missing file, or because it suddenly cannot read the new disc.

MEDION – Driver Download

I always wondered what a third-party marvekl driver was. Rick 10 years ago. Nice to hear you got the BIOS updated smoothly! It does tell you this when you attempt to change it.

Install XP: Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer

The Toe Cutter 4 years ago. I could probably bore you to tears explaining why system is stock techinically its Mafvell because ram is but I had issues like Bluescreen tryin to install Win7.

I loaded it Win 7 just to check it how the computer would react. I have had this problem and always thought it was an issue with my motherboard or something else … you rock. Ranjith R 3 years ago. If the SSD is connected to the Marvel white sata3 connector and the drive can be formated and see by windows or windows can be installed on to the drive then you are for the most part good to go.


SATA Controllers

After I made the change, Disk cleanup is’nt shown under disk properties its still accessible under system tools though But for a few minutes there, I was like rut-roh!

I finally reinstalled the HD’s earlier today.

I even encounterted an interesting result from attempting to boot comp would only boot to safe-mode I actually was wanting to post and get back to you that I was planning to install maybe give some time for any suggestions she just would not start. Henrik 5 maarvell ago.

So Ive started to right click and close before logging off, should I be doing this marvelp most all tray icons? After 2 weeks and new hard drives dosc no reason I found your post especially the one about moving it to a cd instead of the floppy.

I was spoiled w turbo on my Pen MMX thanx again for your continued help! If the SSD is connected to the white sata3 ports the drive will show doing the first screen of post.


Foo 10 years ago. Adrian Fedog 10 years ago. Nadav 10 years ago. Charlie Shaaby 7 years ago.

Nanjunda Patil 4 years ago. Mostly time I found blog but I never gain lots of information but this blog have lots of important marvelll about this and I got lots of information on it. Enabled will allow your CPU voltage and multiplier to go up and down with load, disabled will keep everything running at a constant value.

Treiber & Updates

Cyph 9 years ago. Yes, you can install OS without a mouse connected, if you know your way around using the tab adn enter buttons: So I took my cd out and restared my laptop. Great, although you should be on the latest BIOS!

If you mean a single SSD needs the OS removed, that can be removed via another windows install and manually creating and aligning your drive, or pre-install via the install disk manual alignment process, don’t format on the windows disk selection screen as fisc partition wont get aligned. I mean if possible Id like to have my cake and eat it too.: