This is also the preferred mode if you are using scale-out storage systems such as Ceph. You have entered an incorrect email address! You will likely want to note the SAS address first. That will give you output similar to the following. Please enter your name here.

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How to flash a LSI SAS 3008 HBA (e.g. IBM M1215) to IT mode

Here is the command you will need. If I wanted to flash a 16 or 24 port version to the IT firmware, would I just sub the correct files, or is the process more complex than that? Now you can navigate back to the USB drive. Now it is time to flash the controller. On my system the adapter was not seen by sas3flash. Before proceeding, do note 308 this is a risky process. We are also going to flash 308 BIOS files in the event we want to boot from the device later.

If you have a more generic card such as a LSI brand i or i in IR mode you can skip steps 2 and 3. Overall, this is a great way to save money on HBAs which can get quite expensive across many nodes and in large single nodes. According to the below broadcom article, you have to use sas2flsh to flash IR to IT.


If it does not, we may suggest using your smartphone for a quick picture as noted in Step 2. You will likely want to note the SAS address first.

This is also the preferred mode if you are using scale-out storage systems such as Ceph. Question as to the purpose and pinout of the connector labeled J5.

Supermicro LSI SAS3008 HBA Review

Worked but had to power cycle a few times after the sax flash as it kept locking up my system, certainly raised my heart rate: It is much easier to upgrade firmware than it is to downgrade firmware. Please enter your comment! Boot the server you are using to an UEFI shell. We will show another way to get the SAS address but this is useful in the event you forget it later.

We will note that depending on your distribution, you may want to start with P10 firmware. I will be trying this tomorrow. They are usually flashed to IR mode so they do need to be updated to the latest firmware. Check with the distribution of your choice and find the recommended LSI firmware lsk. Currently, that is located here. Replace the address string without dashes or spaces:.


If you were to do sas3flash. Also it looks like the P15 firmware is out now.

Congratulations, you are ready to go after a reboot. After this is complete, you can do sas3flash. The first command we will use is erasing the flash region on the card. By following this guide, you accept all risks of damaging your card.

Avago/LSI SAS – Citrix XenServer HCL

Anyone know if the white pin headers are for a fan? Note the SAS Address as we will use it later.

Most major manufacturers include this option in their BIOS boot menu. We will not be held responsible if this happens to your card. Sign me up for the STH newsletter!