That’s the only thing I can think of. I guess I’m spoiled. Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. One update “allegedly” messed up BT on the phone some anyway and another made the BT problem better. I too purchased an Amaze a couple months ago and was quite satisfied with its overall performance. I have not unlocked the phone

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HTC Amaze can’t connect with other phone via Bluetooth connection

What should i do to avoid this issue? Them you have to try to connect your device with the other to which you want. Maybe there’s an issue with your BT antenna?

Then Choose Full Control And to get the video stereo sound hgc fixed too. I’d also like to thank all the developers for all knowledge and effort that goes into making all the cool enhancements and themes I had on my old HD2 and am now leaning how to apply on the Amaze.

Alright all of you suffering with this enormous Bluetooth problem on the Amaze 4G that HTC pretty much refuses to acknowledge or address. When the ICS update came out the range increased to about Ft. I’m not sure I will buy another HTC product either. Have tried emailing HTC and outright asking for a diagram? Once I got that down and rooted Andriod onto it, I was in love. The other people that are having this problem also saw a difference when they too updated to ICS.


The first was the HD2. I am guessing the they are the ones on the upper left. My dilemma is returning the phone. When my BT devices arrived none of them had a range of more than Ft.

Join Date Nov Posts Then tap on the manage apps. Are you a developer? Thanks for any answers guys. As soon as I get confirmation of the antenna location and do a little more testing I will post the fix right here next week or two.

Before performing Factory reset do backup data in internal memory like contacts,messages,etc as data will be wiped while Factory reset is performed. I too purchased an Amaze a couple months ago and was quite satisfied with its overall performance. My phone is still completely stock Those poor unfortunates that take them up on that offer who know no better.

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Join Date Oct Posts I want blluetooth revert back the ROM that was first released to see if in fact it is better. I have not unlocked the phone As soon as I can confirm this I will post the fix.


It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. I just needed to figure out how to “tune it up.

I an sure that your problem is definitely solved. The Explorer had a better reception, but both headsets were distorted with the sound of static and would drop connection lbuetooth a mere turn of the head. But avove all your visibility must be on I did the update and all was good.