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Without being logged on, you can’t get the discount. You can see photo’s at Picasa Web Albums – Ed – Turnegy 9X I only gave it 4 stars as the TX did lumofly work as recieved, one of the wires to the dual rate switch was not connected, an easy fix.

Sin embargo parece que tiene muchos bugs.

New hexTronik Lumifly 2-port Glow-Driver ORANGE & RED – RC Groups

If attempted again, the item reverts to full price when the item is added bextronik the cart. I would definitely recomend this to someone who doesnt want to spend alot for a 9 channel transmitter yet still get some quality.

I just checked it and it works.

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Aeromodelling GR

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The Spektrum issue is not a valid excuse here since the swarm function as it was called before it became buddy codes didn’t even exist when Spektrum stopped supplying their products to Hobbking. Zie ook onderstaand draadje. Beton13 mrt Then leave menu by pressing MENU button. Our customs people can be really tough with the real sharks but they are pretty relaxed with the small guy.

HexTronik Lumifly Glow Wire TRANSPARENT mtr | Midland Helicopters Ltd

You have to have a Hobbyking account first, then log in to your account. APC Style Propeller 8×6 2 pc http: Some more codes, http: Anybody else have the same thing happening?


Strange, your code didn’t seem to work Once I figure out how to program fully, I think this radio will be a great deal for the price. Wow very much thing pikle sir Good Luck and i pray that you win the compeition: Dear Anwar Sir, Can you please move this note in my first post of this thread.

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