The delete icon is not available when all pages are selected. Histogram Provides a graphical interface for adjusting highlight, shadow, and gamma levels individually. Top Speak to a Support Representative Before you call Epson for support, please have the following information ready: The Preview window appears and displays your image. You can size the image as you scan, adjust the scan area, and adjust many image settings, including color restoration, dust removal, and backlight correction. See Epson Technical Support for details. Place your original s on the document table.

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You can restore faded colors or remove dust marks by clicking the Customize button. Do not use with wet hands. I’ve been using Epson Scan.

Capture more detail with this 4, dpi CCD scanner that has the superior quality you would expect from an Epson Perfection scanner. Maintenance Solving Problems Follow the guidelines here to maintain and transport your scanner. If you need to adjust a marquee, click inside it and click the delete marquee icon before completing the steps in this section.


Make sure your film or slides are placed in the film holder correctly and the film holder is properly positioned on the document table.

Epson Perfection V Photo – Epson

If the areas are obscured, the scanner may have trouble recognizing your slides in Full Auto Mode. To replace the document mat, see Replacing the Document Mat. Contact your legal advisor for any questions regarding copyright law. Then try adjusting the Threshold setting. Any suggestions to try, or ideas would be most welcomed. Make sure you removed the document mat. After scanning is finished, you see the Send File Via E-mail window.

You can move and resize all the marquees as described in step 3.

[Solved] Epson Scanner Not Working on Windows 10

I have the same question Tell us about your experience with our site. Create marquees on the image area you want to scan, then click Zoom to preview the area.

Sorry this didn’t help. Note for Windows users: To change the scan mode, see Selecting an Epson Scan Mode. Color Enhance Enhance a certain color. Modify the image quality if necessary. Follow the on-screen instructions.


Then click Customize, select your options, click OK, and click Scan to continue.

Toll or long distance charges may apply. See your software and hardware manuals for details.

Check the color matching and color management capabilities of your computer, display adapter, and software. This feature may not be available in some countries.

You cannot scan negative slides with Full Auto Mode. If you are scanning a film strip including both panoramic and regular wix images, the panoramic images are not previewed. Make sure your computer and USB meets the system requirements.

Home Mode or Professional Mode: Click the arrow in the list next to the button perfectjon, then select the action you want to assign. The pointer becomes a set of cross-hairs. If you selected Other as the Destination setting to select a specific resolution, see Detailed Setting Instructions for instructions.