The Eee Slate EP is not quite perfect, but I have to applaud Asus for being bold enough to create something like this. Notes and sketches are fast and easy to make. FullHD videos are rendered without problems and the graphics even has enough power reserves for almost all tasks. Just the basis doesn’t give much hope. So bottom line — clean installing the EP for performance gains or reclaiming disk space is not necessary.

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Asus ZenPad 3 8. The fan activity basically stays within a pleasant range of We could at least still reach 1. I have also tried a reinstall on this machine.

Clean Installing Windows on the EP | Asus EP Slate PC Unofficial Blog

The factory install uses 1. I have an asus ep and I have tons of bit software on it and it runs fine. It has 2 cores and 4 threads with 3MB cache. In our opinion, the aspect ratio isn’t so bad since you have a few extra lines vertically than in the current standard format of x pixels.

I understand that currently, SSD storage is quite expensive, but for this machine to be really useful, I need to be augmenting its built-in storage with an SD card. Yeah, the prices are coming down.

SD card slot on ep121?

After all, the current batch of tablets seem to be more or less giant smartphones, with great media capabilities, and multi-touch screens, but little in the cwrd of actual imaging tools. Sketching, provided there is talent, is also no problem.


The base rate of 1. In addition, I feel the systems is slower than before…. The design is elegant with the large glass dominating the front and an aluminum frame surrounding the slate.

SD card slot on ep? | – Tablet PC Reviews, Discussion and News

You have internal memory and an SSD for things that need to be fast. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Typos hardly ever are made and can also be reduced to a minimum by changing the content size.

I certainly appreciate carv effort, and look forward to my unit when delivered. This works better with the pen and its crosshair icon.

When I tried touched the screen lightly with the brush tool, it immediately made a large circular blotch. Notify ad of new posts via email. All ports are located on the left side, and the two USB ports are under plastic covers that look nice but require a fingernail to open easily.

The folder structure also looks much cleaner because you only need the x86 files. That said, if you need a keyboard most of the time and carry the tablet with you to classes, work or other places, the TM2 can still make sense.


In particular, the iPad has a tremendous lead here. The brighter the ambient light, the darker the actual contents and the stronger this epp121 appears.

I am happy to be an early adopter on this one. However, there are no limits for other expansions thanks to Windows and USB. Runs cool and quiet. You need to have a retail version of Windows 7 on some form of media in order to do a clean install.

You can work as you normally do, but not with a mouse or touchpad, but directly on the display with your fingers or with the stylus.

The built-in Intel HD video is supposed to be able to handle p video. A small 34 Wh lithium polymer battery is supposed to take care of mobile mains independency. The combination of display size, display quality and system performance can’t yet eep121 supplied by any other manufacturer.

If you don’t have a problem with placing your data in other hands, you can use the free GB online memory via Asus’ Webstorage for one year.