Is there a way I can get that back? I need a command to load that module automagically at boot. I looked in the ATI website and that stupid card is suported by the drivers, at least all the and i assume that goes for mine too. Well, I am happy to say after spending a couple hours at this, I finally managed to get my ATi card working. It is a set of 3rd party drivers that Ubuntu packages for each kernel version. Look in the error logs like it says in the how-to.

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I have tried severl how to’s now and no luck.

But old problems started again, causing the empfex to freeze completely except for the mouse cursor. Texas Instruments PCI Part 2 of 2 Here is the output from my Xorg. Ps running glxgears give me some crazy results.

Emprex Lm-1702 17” Widescreen Flatscreen LCD Monitor

I think that you are having an issue with MTRR allocations Done Building Dependency Tree What are you getting in kern.

And now my question: I looked in the ATI website and that stupid card is suported by the drivers, at least all the and i assume that goes for mine too. If you upgrade to Dapper, make sure you return to your back up version before upgrading.


Org Foundation” compiled for 4. Anyways, keep up the good work – I know I am benefitting from it! Ubuntu on the other hand, pages and pages of whining, with some half baked answers that sometimes may or may not work.

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As I mentioned above “don’t try this at home” or better don’t try it on a system you debend on. It’s misdetecting your monitor’s capabilities, I suppose.

Have a look here: Hi again, This is exactly what I get: Sorry for the late answer. Please close other video applications, or select another video output in the Multimedia Systems Selector.

I need to download the older version of libdri.

Selecting previously deselected package xorg-driver-fglrx. You asked for it!

Thanks mlomker for the great unofficial guide to setting up Ubunto for ATI at: First of all I’d just like to say thanks to mlomker! In another post you also reference trying to use the latest drivers and then reinstalling the old ones from the Ubuntu CD which this thread discusses.


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Well, I am right about pm-1702 fresh install; the dri works. After a solid day of hacking away at getting the fglrx driver to work, I found a “magic setting” in some obscure spot on the Internet. You should notice a considerable difference if it worked: I am a total n00b and completed flumoxed.

It worked on a new installed breezy. Since I realy like suspend and DRI which is only supported by the fglrx 8. I’ll keep trying, dammit. The M7 is actually a chipset. It’s a Mobile X with MB.