Post 13 of Than you only get audio out of one ear on a head phone. Very few players have this.. Share This Page Tweet. The Good Ergonomic controls; rugged, attractive design; voice recording; FM radio; large, easy-to-navigate display; in-line remote.

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Not too concerned as my iPod is still going stong for over a year. Clicking the controller in this screen brings up a screen where you can add z20 to a playlist or make a bookmark.

Originally posted by MDDrew its not really that much of a problem all mp3 groups rip with the track number first.

Anyway, the issue has been confirmed: Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. I spoke to a supervisor who was flippant and could xmp even tell me where I could go to get a new power source put in.

Wholesale MP3,MP4,PMP Battery For GATEWAY DMP-X20 MP3 player (P/N DMP-X20 )

Not a scratch, not a hiccup. You could also add the track to the start of each Track Title tag Post 5 of Man, there needs to be a universal standard on how players deal with playlists. I like the audio that this player puts out.


Dec 25, at 9: To copy songs, you choose Media Player’s “Copy to CD or Device” tab, select an artist, album, or playlist from a drop-down menu, and then click the “Copy” button.

Moving through lists is easy, and it appears to have acceleration – meaning the faster I roll the wheel, the faster it scrolls down a list.

I have use the Gateway for about 1. Undoubtedly the company hopes this attractive model, which is nearly a twin of the e.

Gateway DMP-X20 Silver/Black ( 20 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

I like the ease of moving mp3 files with this player. Has a good clip and velcro closing top. Post 8 of The process is simple, but the iPod’s iTunes, which can automatically sync a player when it’s plugged in and can detect changed songs dmo playlists and update them, makes such operations far easier.

I think I like this better, one less click than usual. Same size as the Odyseey, which makes it look even bigger on this shrunken chassis.


Originally posted by austonia found what I consider a design flaw. Post 13 of The clip is plastic.

Gateway DMP-X20 Silver/Black ( 20 GB ) Digital Media Player

Even moreso than iPod’s optical wheel. How dare you not adorn this thread with pics! For instance, if you activate shuffle and select an artist from your library, the mode juggles all of that artist’s tunes.

Dec 26, at 8: Post 2 of Post 11 of Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s My other players support playback in correct album order without any additional effort. Can you imagine my horror??

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