The USB serial adapter is compatible with all standard PC baud rates and supports high-speed communication to I managed to install the drivers for my EasyCap thanks to this site, and I have managed to acquire and install Ulead VideoStudio. What is the next step? On another the one I actually want to work!!! If shipping to a PO Box you must select standard delivery during checkout. This is the hardware ID:

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Locate an available USB port on your computer. I tried to find a solution for my EasyCAP, I tried every driver out dgiitech and spend more than 10h to fix the problem. What drive is for Wondows 8. If you downloaded it, could you please tell me which of them it was?

Software Downloads for ‘Digitech Usb Serial’. I use Ubuntu Now I need to get in touch with them. Thanks for the post! Right clicking on my device in Device Manager, and selecting Properties, then the Details tab, then click the Properties item at top, and selecting Device instance path, my device shows: My laptop is HP Windows 10, and the disc is Version 4.


Error while installing services. Non of them detecting this device.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Does anyone have a driver that will work with this one? Unfortunately that is most likely a bad fake! I hope this helps someone. AMEN, I was so ready to toss this thing into the garbage can.

No need to be fancy, just an overview. Forget about my question! When i remove and replug, same is happening. Device Manager showed ubs as a generic USB 2.

Digitech Computer Usb To Rs Db9 Driver – livinunion

I do have to say a big Thank You! The R has a DB-9M connector. The CD that came bundled drivers attended only win XP.

Admin and ask for password which I have no idea what it could be. You will probably need a twin RCA to 3. Check what your device outputs and match it, or just go through the dozen-or-so options. Although I did have such a cable in my box of spare TV cables in the garage. I downloaded the software through your site.


DVD Maker and USB 2.0 AV Grabber

Yes, let us know Paul. The R features programmable baud rate and data formats with byte transmit and byte receive buffers. I broke the disc. VLC now captures audio and video.

Connect the USB to serial converter to the computer and the new driver. My Hardware ID is: I have been trying for a long time.