Hopefully it is still under warranty. Opening the box revealed the following contents: If you would like the link to it I would be happy to provide it directly to you. Is it a good idea to defragment these big USB drives? I am having the same problem with a LaCie gig drive. I have a GB maxtor external harddive hooked up and in use for a while.

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Sadly it does take time to do this so I fit it inbetween and as part of my PC usage.

Back to Storage forum total posts Page 1 of 4 01 02 03 04 Next. Anywho, what you suggested worked wonderfully.

Don’t see what bo looking for? Proffitt Forum moderator May 15, 4: When you power them back on, Windows should try to set them up again. Find anything pertaining to your external drive.

Proffitt Forum moderator May 15, 1: Report Respond to Pippin. It is a Star Wars throwback. What I did though was partially recover my data before I was able to read your post to fix this. What you suggested worked wonderfully. If after Windows scans for new hardware, if it sets them back up as UNKNOWN USB DEVICE or something similar, or continues to give them a yellow question mark or exclamation point, then you may have some other problem with it, either the comstsr could be going bad or it could possibly even need to have a new cable tried on it.


External HD no longer works with computer [Solved]

View all 14 comments. How do I fix this? If anyone was interested, I did two things that gave me access to my data when my hard drive was inaccessible – I used Acronis boot disk and was able to backup everything into an image file. Hope that’s enough to tempt you to assist, if you need more, please ask and i’ll tell all Can’t access the data without the raid controller as it is striped on the two drives. I have somewhat of the same approach, but do not use any “plastic” media, only hard drives.

Thank you for your feedback. As usual, it was on my network “F” drive, but that was an easy drive letter change.

Comstar 500GB USB RJ45 or Ximeta ND Enclosure

This is extremely frustrating and annoying the crap outta me. I have had this problem in the past with a flash drive. My desktop is royally f’d right now, no access to my files for my assignment due monday D It is still checking now but I know it will be fixed! Volume information for this disk cannot be found Is there something I can do, some settings I can tweak somewhere where I can now use my external again on my computer.


In closing, you may have read my statement about such devices not being a backup system Report Respond to master. The drive did not come comxtar a driver as its plug and play and worked fine when I first installed it this way.

External hard drive not recognised. Please help 🙁

What can I do? This happened once so the system works. If you see a device appear anywhere in the device manager that has a yellow question mark or exclamation point on it when you are plugging in the drive, then you may have a problem with drivers for that device. They show up as two separate volumes in the list above, but in the chart below they both show up side-by-side as “Disk 0”. Inside there is two pieces, I adjust them.

I am not sure why yours is showing up like that farnsworth Plz help me I need the data on it so so much I don’t know what to do