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Oa i Bay, With Hnpper.

Dancing t to I. SHAW buye uaad olotklns at fc Cb- aat atarkat prieoa. The coming year is going to be the Teateot hxcel Walaa haa aeon for cen- turies.

The mufilral proffrniiiiiip whh much en- Joyed, Sister. HardyPer Emninn. Agrl- ealtaral Aa s o e latlon and adopted a raaammandaUon of the Finance Com- mlttoa that 11, be given to the aaaoclatlon for the purpose of holding an agricultural exbibttlon at the Willows this Pall. No soldier of dis- tinction front Canada during the war obtruded hInuKlf less here than Gen- eral Watson, and the full story of his fine record in Franca probably will never bxxel revealed.


These English wool combina- tions, suitable for hoys or girls. CM II- Military t.

Excel Fire & Water Restoration

Allen County Public Library State: Phoao Syi AKK liming table. Cotlaara Soap and ana noa of Cutlenra Ointment. The eastern side of this Island eixty miles beyond Victoria la almost wholly tributary to Vanoonvar.

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Kstevan— Clear; northwest; froab; S9. William Stevenson will conduct the service at t: From thla It will be noteii that the aim of the aaaoolatlon now ia to bxcwl their bMDdhl a POal oommuntty centre. N ‘ alao r. Ki lend, 2Bc; Friend, tl: Xaoz, Challoner and Bradwell. Only the adop- tion of Ihiit iirliiclple ran s. Punher die- o U aa t O n of tho Improvementa being rarrled out at the aaaociatlon’s build- ing took place and aa a reeult it haa been decided that the amall room at tha rear of the building ahall bo aet aaldo f bccel nae of tho hmtlmf inali lary.


Fleer I’Or afternoon and street wear coir.

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Maaaea la at p t aaa u t lii Oitnwa. Oa tha whole I incUaa to tha lattsr view, aince the matter was bxdel Im- portant, artil It la unlikely that the coinpoeer of auch a latter would be careless. It will be more natlaractory nnd convenient to deal with tha ape- clflc charges first. Harvey, indulged in eulogies of Mr.

Excel Fire & Water Restoration Mile House, BC Fire Damage Restoration – MapQuest

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