Custom algorithms are available at additional cost. My Programmer is Parallel. Page 76 The software provide also explanation of chip labeling the meaning of prefixes and suffixes at the chips for each supported chip. Page In Pins with capacitors bar may be entered a list of a pins interconnected by capacitors for example converter, which have connected capacitor between VCC and GND, is used , which may makes problems at detecting insertion of a It is too high. Page Throubleshooting We really want you to enjoy our product. When the power LED indicator glows with a low intensity, the is in inactive mode.

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All reports for Log window can be written into the Log file too. The software provide full information for ISP implementation: Little-endian is an order in which the “little end” least significant value in the sequence is stored first. Of course the isolation resistors R1, R2, R I just finished installation of the new 2.

Other procedures are ignored. General rules for in-system programming We recommended respect following rules to avoid damage PC, ISP programmer, and target device or target system: Click the project you want to reload.


A, pcs B&K Precision A stock available

Advanced design, including prefision circuits, original brand Problems interconnection, and their removing If you have any problems with see section Common notes please. All programmers are driven by an easy-to-use, control program with pull-down menus, hot keys and online help. Page Appendix Products configuration Before installing and using your programmer, please carefully check that your package includes all next mentioned parts.

Page 85 Connect the opposite cable end to the programmer.


It is working absolutely fine on other computers. Yes i am French Please hk include the following items Page Ignore not programmed serial values means the not programmed serial values are ignored and no action is done with them. Download datasheet 2Mb Share this page.

And i don’t have any problem with Please return the product in the original packaging with proof of purchase to the below address. Page 39 Microcontrollers Cypress: Obviously from BIOS it is not seen as it is add-on card. Page 42 Appendix A – Device Problem Report form Please make a copy of this page and either fax it to or e-mail it to tech bkprecision.


Due to low power consumption of in inactive state, it doesn’t require power switch. Introduction is a universal programmer that supports programmable integrated circuits or devices manufactured in various technologies.

Following programming of uPD78Fxxxx microcontrollers. Load, File, Device, etc. Options The Options menu contains commands that let you view and change various OK, board installed OK and checked with a printer. If you heard something from Elnec, please forward it here.

Page 22 This ISP programming solution provides very competitive price but excellent hardware design for reliable programming. I ‘m thinking of buying the new Smartprog2 with the USB connection.

But could not have success in using it succesful although Selftest and Selftest plus are succesful. Certainly Elnec have the answer or tips