Upgrades can damage Apple G3. Benchmark Results – Shogo Page The ‘Other’ GeForce Boards. The Features – Continued Page 3: Well, it had better be more than that because the competition is flexing much more than average hardware. On the backside of the card you have VR-Glasses output, S-video input, HD15 monitor connection the ‘normal’ monitor connection , S-video output and a composite out.

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However, the MAXX will probably be short lived as ATi recently released some information about their next generation product. This expansion in the “multimedia sector” included graphics solutions, web cams, DVD solutions, and other various multimedia upgrades. The Asux AsusTek Asus is one of the biggest names in the industry right now producing top-notch motherboards and graphics solutions.

ASUS AGP-V 6800 GeForce 256 Deluxe (AGP 4x, 32 MB)

The Competition Page 8: Creative Labs came to us way back in the early ‘s offering this nifty sound card called the “Sound Blaster” that became ultra-popular with many consumers which propelled the company to expand its market to what we know now.

I really don’t appreciate the fact that their product hasn’t lived up to many people’s expectation because it puts so much pressure on the great press people and driver c I know at S3.

Like many of their motherboard manuals, the V manual offered useful information that shows you how to adjust various software settings or use their video capture software. The 3D Glasses haven’t changed much since I last tried.


The Drivers Page 4: An improved version of the S from what I hear. The Competition Page 8: So what do we have to look forward to in the near future?

Asus AGP-V Deluxe and Creative Labs Annihilator Pro Review

Continuing with our coverage of GeForce based cards, we are now bringing you two new competitors to decide upon. Its gap is a bit different from your average GeForce DDR board but that is to be expected since the card has the video in capability that adds various extra components. Subscribe to our newsletter.

Benchmark Results – Descent 3 DirectX.

ASUS AGP-V 6800 GeForce 256 Deluxe AGP 4x 32 MB Series

asu The Drivers – Continued Page 5: Overall I would say the hardware and software features of the V Deluxe were above average and the fact that the card comes with video out just adds extra appeal to this card. Benchmark Results – Shogo. Not only has Creative been offering asue hardware but took extra steps to offer customers software and utilities that would enhance their experience beyond what can be found in their competitors packages i.

Benchmark Results – Descent 3 DirectX. The ‘Other’ GeForce Boards. I can’t give more detail than that but we’ll see what’s going asuus in the next few weeks.

Benchmark Results – Shogo. Extreme 6080 Architecture XBA is something that I’m really looking forward to as it’s a change from the norm and promises to kick major behind. The Latest On Tom’s Hardware.


I think the biggest thing that 3dfx has going for them in their upcoming cards is the fact that they promise killer fill-rates. The retail package Deluxe version includes these items in the box: Our current asuz champion of 3D, NVIDIA, hasn’t been sitting back wasting the money you’ve been spending to buy their cards but has actually been improving the existing product.

I don’t know of many companies that I can honestly say do a better job than Asus.

The Competition – Asus AGP-V Deluxe and Creative Labs Annihilator Pro Review

This is a huge reason why we have done so many reviews on the different flavors available of this graphics chipset. Well, it had better be more than that because the competition is flexing much more than average hardware.

The Drivers Page 4: The gap work fairly well, however for those with corrective lenses the additional weight may be somewhat uncomfortable.

As soon as I find out, however, you can bet you’ll see a post. The Drivers – Continued.