So please check the below information may help you to work-up this situation. How works the ICR function in Camera? It happens to non-AirLive products also. Does Campro Express 64 auto record after PC restarting? If I could not enter Air3G web management, what could I do? This connection diagram also can be exported if the hard copy is required.

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Click the PDF file.

Try to siyphone-1000 other BT torrents. Plug is configured as Universal Repeater mode. Why sometimes my PC ping AirVideo v2 and the ping take longer time? The siren is not displayed in the APP. The C mount lens flange focal distance is How to setup Gmail when receive failed message? It allows users skypuone-1000 view live video with one format and record it with another format.

Please turn off applications that use port 80 such as “Skype. How come the PoE doesn’t work?

Please refer to attached file. If I could not enter Air3G web management, what could I do? How to increase the view aig of the camera?



How s,yphone-1000 configure the Tx Power as 29 dBm? It is suggested to refer the installation guide, please read it carefully and configure your device for evaluation. How to access the MWS using remote management function. What is the dimension of N. Please clicks on the link to see the upgrade steps. Can I take picture via browse IE? How to secure your network with N.

Restart or reset the wireless router 6. Please go to “Image Setup” and lower the value of “Exposure” to about “40”.

Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect. For data protection purpose, user can not format two hard disks at same time.

For the IP cameras do not have built-in tampering detection function, and you need to use the software to skyphone-100 this task.

At night, camera needs IR light to enhance the image. Please first check the compatibility list on skyphons-1000 website’s product page to make sure your phone is supported by Air3GII. Please refer to the attached file. It is suggested to refer the FAQ as the below pdf file.


– AirLive Skyphone

It would have been great to see a removable battery along with a desktop stand with charging capability and generic Bluetooth support. How to block https web site?

No, the device could not be charged by USB port. What do the green LEDs on the side of the Gateway skyphone-100 First way is to adjust the MIC boost setting in the computer.

If I have more than one WIASN at livf location, is it possible to create on-demand ticket from one location to others? How does the watchdog function works? Please see the attatchment.